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v 0.22
New content: -More content on The Survivors Quest...
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NSFW, Shelter Manager, Visual novel.
v 0.21
New content: -More 3 actions with Jennifer in the room. Minor Changes : -You can see each girl once for each shelter location. - A message will appear if the gi...
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v 0.20
v 0.20 New content: -A new girl can get spanked. -Bathe together with Samantha and Mary. -More 3 actions with Ai in the room. -A new Short Quest. Minor Changes...
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v 0.19.2
V 0.19.2 New content: -Visit Ai while she is relaxing in the Living room. -New Action in Room: Kiss. -New Action in Room with Ai: ass rubbing. -Mc overhears so...
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v 0.17
V 0.17 New content: -More content on The Survivors Quest. -You can give Mary a Futa pill in the Gym (she will get unstable, you were warned!) -Visit Ai and Mary...
v 0.16.1
V 0.16.1 Content New content: -More content on The Survivors Quest. -1 Big tits serum scene at Bio lab with Samantha. Minor Changes: -Added 5 themes for the ga...
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